17-Jan-2019Richmond, VA+13 milesPet Fish for Sale
I have a complete 90 gallon saltwater tank setup for sale. It also includes a ton of miscellaneous saltwater supplies and equipment. I am getting out of the hobby for a while. 90 gal tank with stand, MH lighting system, sump, protein skimmer, return pump, powerheads, etc. Livestock includes 1 clarkii clownfish, mertens anemone, multiple rose bubble tip anemones, couple of green tip purple bubbl...
16-Jan-2019Tuckahoe, VA+17 milesPet Fish for Sale
20 gallon tank with nice wooden stand, whisper filter, extra filter cartridges, heater, chemicals, plants and decor, also including 6 mature fish (all have been in tank over a year): 2 danios, 2 black tetras and 2 serpae tetras. Great setup for beginners or kids, super easy to take care of. We are moving and can t take with us.
31-Dec-2018Richmond, VA+13 milesPet Fish for Sale
Aquarium for sale. We're selling our aquarium setup. Everything is included and is top quality. This setup cost over $1200 just over 8 weeks ago. The tank itself is a 65gallon tank measuring 36"x25"x18" and it made of glass and not plastic /acrylic. It has a twin folding glass lid. There are no scratches or damage, it is in perfect condition. The stand is black wood with a large internal area f...
23-Dec-2018Sandston, VA+14 milesPet Fish for Sale
55 gal rectangular fish tank with pump, filter, heater, bubbler, covers, lights, rock & plant decor and a siphon and net. Pick up near the airport. No holds, no meetups.